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There Can Be More Than One – Highlander Rebooting

It was reported yesterday on Slashfilm, from an article on Deadline, that the proposed Highlander remake has found a new director. Fast Five’s Justin Lin HAD been scheduled to direct, but as he pressed on with another Fast and Furious movie, he dropped out as the Highlander helmer. The new name in the frame is Spaniard Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, director of 28 weeks later, and forthcoming Clive Owen vehicle Intruders. He will apparently direct from a script by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway. The choice of replacing Lin with another up and coming director with a solid track record so far is encouraging, and the fact that Summit Entertainment have gone ahead and named a new director suggests that Highlander may begin progressing. I guess the big question, then, is do we need a Highlander reboot?

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Straw Dogs Trailer – Clueless Cash-In or Honourable Homage?

The teaser trailer for Rod Lurie’s remake of the Sam Peckinpah classic Straw Dogs hit the ‘net this week. The 1971 original, Peckinpah’s most controversial film was banned in the UK for many years due to its violence, and a particularly contentious rape scene. As with much of Peckinpah’s work, Straw Dogs was full of artistic brilliance but its reputation was marred by criticism of some of the more edgy elements. That such a great movie has found itself boiled down to the film with ‘that scene’ is a great shame. Beware potential spoilers for both the original and the remake below. Continue reading

Colin Farrell Could Recall His Career Potential

It was confirmed this week that Colin Farrell will play the lead in Len Wiseman’s Total Recall adaptation, to be released in 2012. Rather than a straight remake of the 90’s movie, it is expected to be much closer to Philip K. Dick’s original novel. This is good news for the film, and even better news for Farrell. The talented Irishman has not had the most stellar of careers to this point, and hopefully an intelligent Dick adaptation with a hard sci-fi edge can help him continue his journey back to the A-list. Continue reading