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DVD Review – Biutiful

Biutiful is the latest film from Alejandro González Iñárritu, a well-respected Mexican director best known for the wonderful Amores Perros,  English language picture 21 Grams, and the multicultural Babel. Biutiful is a return to the Spanish language, and is a tale that encompasses drama, mortality and spirituality. Continue reading

DVD Review – Chatroom

Based on a screenplay by Enda Walsh, adapted from her play of the same name, Chatroom is a British thriller by acclaimed Japanese director Hideo Nakata. You may not recognise the name, but you will have heard of his famous Ringu horror series, better known in the West as The Ring. Considered amongst the best of modern horror movies, hopes were understandably high that Chatroom would provide some thrills and chills. Continue reading

DVD Review – The King’s Speech

Just a few short months ago a we witnessed a royal occasion bigger perhaps even than that of the wedding of William and Kate. Riding a wave of critical acclaim, Tom Hooper’s The King’s Speech surprised many by winning Best Picture at the Academy Awards, as well as getting nods for lead actor and director. With the release of the DVD and Blu-ray, away from the hype and intense media attention, we get an opportunity to reappraise the film and ask the question – was it really the best film of 2010? Continue reading

DVD Review – Blue Valentine

This week sees the DVD and Blu-ray release of Blue Valentine, co-written and directed by first time feature director Derek Cianfrance. Starring acclaimed actors Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling, it is a low-budget independent film following a couple’s deteriorating marriage, juxtaposed against flashbacks of the first flushes of young love between them. Continue reading

HMV Will Be A Sad, But Inevitable, Loss

It was announced this week that high street music and film retailer HMV are planning on closing up to 60 branches of their store. It is, sadly, not unusual to see a major store shutting up shop in the current economic climate. Neither is it unheard of for a large CD/DVD retailer to run into trouble, as we have seen Virgin Megastore, Silverscreen, Impulse and Zavvi all fold in the last few years. What makes this news the most devastating is that HMV are the largest, and the last remaining of these types of store. HMV’s total demise would be the end of high street music and film shopping. So how much of this is just a sign of the times, and how much is down to changing technology and consumer habits? Continue reading