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Thor Reviews – Are You Going To Listen To Me, Or Are You Going To Listen To Your Friends?

 Thor was released in UK cinemas this week. Development of the project has been well documented, and the movie has been constantly in the news for one reason or another since it began pre-production. All the way through, i had been underwhelmed by what I had heard about it. I thought Kenneth Branagh was a bold and interesting choice, but worried that his inexperience with modern filmmaking, like CGI and special effects, might hamper the project. Continue reading

Too Many ‘Critics’ Spoil The Blogs?

 Craig Skinner posted an article the other day about film critics at craigskinner.wordpress.com, and what it means to be one, or indeed not be one. It’s a very good article, and you should go read it here. This is not meant as a rebuttal to his article, nor as a supporting statement. I think when an interesting subject gets raised, it is important to explore different aspects of it. The rise in popularity of blogging, and with it online movie writing, has brought with it much consternation amongst print journalists, and there is also now seemingly a divide opening amongst those who do their writing online, between the ‘serious journalists’ and the trashy news writers. Continue reading