About Us

Welcome to Fluent in Film. Having grown tired of trawling through movie blogs with pages and pages of recycled news stories, i’ve decided to start my own movie site. Don’t get me wrong, i’m well aware of the point to news focused sites, and I will still read them on a daily basis. It’s just that there seems to be less and less opinion-based articles around, with too many sites working as almost independent billboards for the Hollywood studios. I aim to incorporate the latest news into my articles, but with a very strong focus on opinion.

I welcome greatly any comments, E-mails or feedback of any kind. Also, if you have anything movie-related you want me to review on the site, I can promise you an honest opinion. Just hit the ‘Contact Me’ link.


Bazmann – As well as my writing on Fluent in Film, i am a contributor at HeyUGuys, the UK’s biggest movie blog. I am also an aspiring screenwriter and novelist, working (slowly) on my first novel, Hollywood Switch.

4 responses to “About Us

  1. Hi there,

    Lou here from Abundant we work in film PR/Social media but we dont have an email address for you, could you email one to me?

    Thanks Lou

  2. This is a really great site you have put together. Your opinions on the latest cinema and dvd releases as well as other things will surely see me coming here regularly.

    If you are ever interested in keeping up with a blog dedicated to humour and satire please visit and subscribe to “The Daily Segway”. We are serious about satire.

    Keep up the great work Bazzman.

  3. Bazmann! Have youi seen the name of my blog? We are a match made in heaven!

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