10 Completely Made Up Star Wars Facts

It’s Star Wars week here on Fluent in Film, mainly because the entire Star Wars movie series was released on Blu-ray this week here in the UK, partly because there seems to be very little else happening this week. I wanted to share with you some fun facts about the original Star Wars trilogy, but I really couldn’t be bothered to do the research required. So instead, I’ve made up some! Please feel free to share your own in the comments.

-In early versions of the screenplay, Obi Wan Kenobi was much more of a priest-like figure. His descriptions and teachings of the force to Luke were much more like sermons to begin with, and he carried with him a ‘Book of the Force’ which was very much a Bible-like item. He claimed that all Jedi were descendants of an ancient Wizard, and they had inherited some of his abilities thanks to traces of his DNA in their blood.

-In A New Hope, after Luke and co.’s escape from the garbage masher, Leia says of Chewbacca ‘get this walking carpet out of my way’. This line was put in at the last-minute by George Lucas as a personal joke, as during some early test shots Lucas actually got a friend to shroud himself in brown carpet to play the part of Chewbacca.

-George Lucas got the idea for the Death Star surface whilst witnessing an egg delivery. Scores of egg cartons were being unloaded from a truck at the end of his street as Lucas walked past, and gave him the vision of the textured surface, with a trench running through it. He was chased off by the truck driver when he began flying a couple of eggs down the ‘trench’ to test out his vision of starfighters navigating it.

-Yoda was originally a Muppet. During prep for The Empire Strikes Back, Lucas visited the Muppet workshop to try to get some ideas. He saw the Yoda puppet there, and immediately fell in love with it. The puppet had originally been meant for a space-set sketch on Sesame Street, but producers had felt that ‘Deeb Zong’, as it was originally named, would be too frightening for a pre-school audience.

-The post-carbonite ‘hibernation sickness’ was Harrison Ford’s idea. The Han Solo actor was having trouble coping with the Tunisian heat, and suggested to Lucas that Solo should be blind for the Sarlacc sequences, so that he would not have to do much physical activity whilst on the desert shoot.

– C3PO and R2D2 originally had proper names. The names have long since been forgotten, but Lucas changed his mind when he found himself captivated by the British postcodes he saw on correspondence related to securing a UK-based studio to shoot in. Neither are genuine postcodes, but have been adapted from some that Lucas saw.

-Darth Vader’s ‘force choke’ was made up on the spot. The actor cast as the Imperial officer who is throttled had not known that he would be in such a physical scene, and objected to having someone wrap their hands around his throat. With no time to find a replacement, the decision was made for Vader to ‘choke’ him using the force, meaning the actor would not be touched.

– Boba Fett was supposed to be a cocky loudmouth. Originally named ‘Bobby Fetto’, he was written as a fast mouthed Mafioso-type. Billy Dee Williams complained on set that the character had more lines than him, and as many of William’s scenes were in the can by that point, Lucas relented and removed most of the bounty hunter’s lines, amending the name at the same time.

-The Ewoks were meant to be 8 feet tall. Due to some confusion with regards to imperial/metric measurements, the costumes turned up much smaller than Lucas envisioned them. He requested the prop company take them back and make the bigger ones, but there wasn’t enough material left. Despite protests from the actors that audiences wouldn’t believe that 3 foot teddy bears could defeat the Empire, shooting proceeded regardless.

-The second Death Star was going to be a giant robot. The bunker on Endor was to be the robot’s control centre, and the robot would swipe and crush the Rebel fleet whilst Vader and Luke fought in its head section. The prop and effects departments were struggling to make a model that would move realistically in a supposed ‘zero atmosphere’ environment, and test shots of the decimation of the Rebel Alliance ships by the robot looked ‘ridiculous’. Someone suggested they use an old, unfinished model of the original Death Star, and earlier scenes were subsequently re-shot to reflect the change of storyline.

So there you go. some fascinating insights there. Please note, once again, that these are COMPLETELY MADE UP. Although one or two of them, knowing Lucas, are probably true. The entire Star Wars Blu-ray set is available in shops now. Please enjoy them.

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